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manilla faq
Prices are determined by the market. However, merchants can set a slight percentage variance from the market price.
Our platform runs on the basis of transparency and protection against all forms of fraudulent activities from users and outside players.
Verify your identity by completing the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) verification process.
Fiat payments are made via a merchant’s preferred payment method. As for crypto being sold, our systems escrow the amount of crypto in question and release them after confirmation of fiat receipt by the seller.
Fifteen (15) minutes by default. Merchants, however, have the ability to set their preferred payment window.
A merchant has a yellow check mark next to their usernames whilst a regular user doesn’t.
Yes. The current trade would be canceled automatically.
Only a buyer can decide to opt out of a transaction. A seller would have to wait for the transaction time to elapse so far a buyer has not made fiat payments. However, once the payment has been made, the trade would have to be completed.
No! For dispute resolution sake, you are advised to use your primary account with information tallying with your KYC documents on Manilla Finance..
Depending on the available evidence documents presented by the trade parties, just a couple of minutes.
Limitless. But you need to verify your identity first.
0.5% of the transaction amount.
This service gives our users the opportunity of accessing stablecoins and avoid selling their assets at loss in case of emergency needs. The users lock their volatile tokens and receive some stablecoin (USDT) which they can withdraw and refund at a later time.
Manilla staking is the service that allows users to lock part or all of their cryptocurrency assets on the Manilla exchange within a certain period, thereby earning rewards based on the volume and period of staking.
One (1) level.
No! You can only transact with a user whose nationality and currency is the same as yours.
No. You need to verify your identity before you can trade.
There are seven (7) payment methods available at once. But you can only choose one (1) for a trade.
Transaction fees are automatically deducted. However, the amount are displayed to both the seller and the buyer during the trade.
Up to 15% APR.
All network and internet service providers across the globe will be onboarded onto the airtime/data purchase service.
Nigerian, Kenyan and Ugandan users can access electricity and water bill payments.
The Manilla card is the native utility debit card for the Manilla platform, enabling users make payments in cryptocurrencies.
The Manilla card is free of maintenance charges.
The Manilla card attracts 0.5% transactions fees on all usages, and it can be used across globally.
There is no cashback policy on the Manilla card, rather, there are staking incentives on holding and staking the MNLA token, proceeds of which can be transferred into the Manilla Card.
The Manilla Card and the Manilla platform is strictly compliant to financial regulations of each and every country it operates.

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