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- Privacy Policy

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This "Privacy Policy" page that you are currently in, informs you of the Terms & Conditions of Use and also shows you how our organization, Manilla Technologies, registered in Cyprus, does the collection, protection, use, processing, storage, association, sharing, alongside some other treatment forms of your details, which includes personal data alongside the Website and Services that the Terms & Conditions of Use governs.

1.Data We Collect

  • Personal Information. The information you provide is collected by Manilla when you register for an account, and the information created anytime you use our Services.
    • Checking registration data. Manilla has full rights to verify the legitimacy and any other aspect that has to do with your registration information and can deny your account creation at its exclusive and sole discretion that is based on the information gathered. Other companies may carry out this check, particularly hire for these specific purposes. Be sure of this, we may share some of your data with those companies. Among the other information, we have got the right to verify, prior to public authorities like federal courts and courts of law, if you participate in any form of legal proceedings, your status prior to credit protection institutions. About yourself.

      2.Information You Provide

      • Registration. When you create or update your account on the website, you will input; full name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, gender, profession, home address including zip code, number on an identity document, phone number, email address, readable photo or front and back of color scanned identity document including a selfie holding the identity document. If you are a representative of a legal body, you need to be an authorized legal representative and must follow every procedure needed for registering individuals. Alongside sending through the digital copy site of the company and the articles of association of the company.

        3.Information Created When You Make Use Of Our Service

        • Payment details. Manilla gives you the chance to purchase cryptos. Because of that, they will collect data that has to do with the transactions you did. When a transaction happens, the amount and date will be stored by our system alongside Users who take part in that transaction.
          • Data collected automatically.The Manilla platform collects information automatically including your ISP's domain name, the IP address used in connecting the computer to the internet, the OS and platform, the average time used on the app, the visited pages, the information sought, the times of access, and some of the relevant data that are commercially relevant. Some of the data are mandatorily collected, according to the international and local laws alongside business best practices, but third parties can get access to it through court order or their express authorization.
            • Cookies. We gather information about the way you interact with the services we provide, selected settings, and express preferences. In several cases, this is done via cookie use that develops and maintains distinct identifiers.

              4.How We Make Use Of Your Information

              • Manilla gathers and makes use of them so they can provide services in a practical and reliable way. We also make use of the information we collect;
                • For improving our services and users security
                • For customer support
                • For consistent research and development of apps, platforms, software, and services
              • We will delete all data collected from our services anytime you want or when it is not of any relevance or necessity for offering you our services, except there is another reason for it to be maintained like a legal obligation for data retention or the need to keep them so the rights of Manilla can be safeguarded.
                • Manilla has the right to monitor the entire website, which includes the frequency of every transaction that you initiate, the active sessions number, devices, and systems that access the website, among others, basically to make sure that the website isn't being used to do any illegal activity and also to make sure that users observe the rules we stated in our Terms & Conditions of Use. Therefore, we reserve the right of blocking the profile of a particular user, at our exclusive and sole discretion, if we discover that the User may be using the platform for illegitimate purposes. Manilla also has the right of excluding a particular user, in this case, no Privacy Policy is respected.
                  • Manilla will not be held responsible for any privacy practice or the content that is on other websites, and for data security failures or illegitimacy done by third parties, whether they are commercial partners or not

                    5.Data Sharing

                    • Manilla has full rights to share the data with commercial partners so they can verify its legal status and veracity as stated in item 1, II. You now expressly approve and authorize that kind of shares.
                      • Every information, data, and content with regards to you can be said to be active when it comes to trades that Manilla is a participant in. We, therefore, have the right of including your data among the assets of the company if it's to be merged, acquired, or sold to any other platform. Because of this Policy, you agree and know about the possibility of this happening.

                        6.Data Protection And Guard

                        • Every data of yours is confidential and only individuals that have the right authorization can access it.
                          • You are aware and approve of Manilla sharing your information with competent judicial and administrative authorities when needed by court order or the law.
                            • The data that Manilla collects can be stored on servers that are in the USA or any other place at Manilla Technologies' sole discretion. You state that you are aware and approve that the levels of data protection of other countries may be different than the USA. With no prejudice, your information, which may be stored in any other country, will have security measures that are at least equal to the ones stated in the earlier paragraph.
                              • The above security measures apply only to your information from the time Manilla has it and while having it with you. The security and functioning of the device used by you in accessing the services of Manilla, and also the network that transports the data, aren't Manilla Technologies' responsibility. For the guarantee of a secure environment, Manilla wants you to respect the primary safety precautions that follow
                                • Do not trust strange emails.
                                • Do not visit suspicious websites.
                                • Keep safety mechanisms updated and active like anti-malware and antivirus.
                                • Do not install programs or applications from illegal or strange sources; and
                                • Do not access "promotional content" from sources that you are not aware of

                              7.Updates On Privacy Policy

                              • Manilla has full rights to alter the Privacy Policy, with the aim to offer users more convenience and security in a situation whereby we make the relevant changes that need new approval from Users, we will send every User a notification