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When you access any and every internet page and/or apps, which include any information in the internet page and/or apps that this Cyprus registered technology company, Manilla Technologies owns, you will be voluntarily and expressly adhering and entirely agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Use stated below to use the services, tools, and information that Manilla provides (Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) (Services).
When you approve the Use of Services, you attest that you've seen and understood the below conditions and totally accept them. You're also acknowledging that it's your duty to know of modifications and updates to the Terms & Conditions of Use and you'll not be able to invoke the conditions below ignorantly and their updates in the future as a way to avoid compliance with them. When it comes to disagreements or doubts with regards to these Terms & Conditions of Use's content, we would like you to reach out to us at


  • Website: An electronic website, known as whose domain and property is owned by Manilla Technologies
    • User: Anybody 18+ of age and civilly able or any legal individual that is duly registered and knows the Terms & Conditions of Use and anybody that makes use of the Website in buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
      • Cryptocurrencies (cryptos): They are finite digital assets that one can freely trade and via a blockchain network.
        • Blockchain: This is a distributed and continually growing data sets' chain, and each of them is known as a 'block,' and each is interconnected via several cryptographic connections. All blocks contain a hash that is cryptographically protected by the block that is before it.
          • Bitcoin (BTC): It is a kind of crypto. BTC was proposed alongside blockchain: for creating a decentralized and digital payment system for exchanging values.
            • Virtual Wallet: It is a program that is used in sending and receiving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
              • Hash: Cryptographic code that is used in transferring cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin from a Virtual Wallet to the other.
                • TED (Electronic Transfer): It denotes electronic transfer is available.

                  2.About The Website

                  • Website. Manilla Technologies maintains the trading site of Manilla (
                    • Services. The website provides it Users a platform online to buy and sell cryptos.

                      3.User Registration

                      • Registration form. For buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin via our website, all users need to accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and sign up on the website. Users can carry out registration when they fill in an online registration form present on the site.
                        • Sending documents. Alongside filling in their information on the online form, Users need to send, through the website, a legible image of the front and back of their color scanned identity document.
                          • Selfie. To make sure that the document is that of the User, the person needs to take a Selfie holding that legal identity document.
                            • Legal person. Legal entities' registration as Users needs to be done necessarily by a legal representative that is duly authorized and must follow every procedure staged in items 3, I to 3, III alongside sending via the digital copy through website of the company, the articles of association of the company
                              • Veracity and updating of information. Users are obliged to provide complete, current, and true information when they register and need to always keep the information updated. Users need to also know that providing false information or misusing a third-party information in his name is a crime in the countries that we deploy our services. When any of these happens, Manilla can permanently cancel or suspend that User's access to every functionality and service of the website, with no prejudice to any other measure insured by the legislation.
                                • Additional information and document. Manilla can ask for more information and documents for maintaining or confirming any User's registration. If the User does not meet the request, Manilla has the right to cancel or permanently suspend the registration.
                                  • The registration number for every User. Every User can maintain just one registration on the Website. If we notice that one person used more than one account, one or the whole of the accounts may be canceled or suspended at the discretion of Manilla.
                                    • Refusal to Register. Manilla has the full right of refusing any registration request and can cancel or suspend a registration if any of the Terms & Conditions of Use provided is violated. ii. It is impossible to verify the identity of the User on seeing any form of falsity in the provided information. iii. The User practices intentional, fraudulent acts or adopting any new character that is not compatible with the website's objectives at Manilla's discretion.
                                      • Password and login. When you register, a User needs to create a 'username' (sign-in) and a private password for accessing their account on the website. The password and login are personal and cannot be transferred and the User must not divulge the information to any third party. If a User knows that his password or login can be accessed by a third party or figures out any unauthorized happenstance on his account by a third party, the User needs to instantly request to change his password on the website itself via the 'Forgot your password?' option and tell Manilla about it.
                                        • Account usage. Users are responsible for the buying and selling of cryptos that happen on their accounts on the website.
                                          • Responsibility for information. Manilla is not responsible for any information that each User provides when they register, and all trade information is provided under the sole responsibility of the User.

                                            4.Buying And Selling Cryptos Via The Website

                                            • Purchase process. Making a purchase will require the user to have registered successfully and need to input the volume of crypto they'd like to buy via the Website itself. According to the purchase quantity and value, the User will transfer or deposit the amount into the indicated account shown in the transaction by the User that is responsible for the sale, who is going to release the cryptocurrency amount to the User's virtual wallet on the website after confirming the receipt, creating a 'hash.' The 'miners' will validate the 'hash' transfer (from a wallet to the other), and after that, inform the User via the website itself. When the system confirms the receipt, it will complete the purchase.
                                              • Irreversibility. Once the buying and selling operation is completed, it cannot be reversed, which means that it cannot be modified or undone.
                                                • Purchase through a deposit. Only when Manilla has cleared and validated the bank deposit or other form of payment deposit is when the purchase will be completed. Manilla will cross-check the information with the real deposit name. Just the amounts that correspond to the 'deposit X quote' schedule are going to be available.
                                                  • Purchase through transfer. Users need to concentrate on the schedules and deadlines that their financial institutions, such as bank practices. Transfer receipts need to be sent to the account of the advertiser, and only when the advertiser has cleared and validated the bank is when the purchase will be completed. The advertiser will cross-check the information with the real transfer time. Only the amount that corresponds to the schedule of the "transfer X quote" will be available.
                                                    • Information. A User needs to ensure that they have registered the Virtual Wallet's hash code correctly to transfer and store crypto assets. Manilla is not responsible for all errors that the User made in his Virtual Wallet or bank address/details registration.
                                                      • Manilla recommends that all transactions need to be done with care, adequate understanding level, and common sense by any User who uses it.


                                                        • It is the sole responsibility of Users for the protection and security of their Virtual Wallets.
                                                          • Users declare that they are aware that they need to take important measures in carrying out any operation with the highest security possible.
                                                            • Users must make use of email from a secure and reliable server, with a reliable and strong password and the one they solely know and avoid making use of a similar password for any other operation done on the internet.


                                                              • Data storage. The entire personal information provided by Users the moment they register is kept on servers or high-security magnetic means.
                                                                • Protective measures. Manilla makes sure that they adopt every measure possible for maintenance of the security and confidentiality of the data that its Users provide. Nevertheless, Users accept that they are aware that the website's servers' security can be breached by hackers or other cases that systems on the internet are subject, cases that even after Manilla's best effort, the data and information of Users may be accessed illegally by third parties.
                                                                  • Data availability. Every information and data that Users provide will solely be made available by Manilla if there is a court order, by supervening law determination, or a competent authority's order.
                                                                    • Additional information. For more information when it comes to your personal data protection, check out our Privacy Policy.

                                                                      7.Restrictions And Problems Of Accessing The Website

                                                                      • Navigation. The website's searches can be exclusively accessed via the internet. Users need to have the appropriate and necessary equipment to access our service. The equipment includes an electronic device with a licensed and installed browser, modem, and internet access provision services and infrastructure.
                                                                        • Navigation problems. The website's services are subject to delays, interruptions, and issues inherent when using the internet. Manilla will not be responsible if there is any limitation or defect of the navigation program or equipment that the Users use, or also for any limitation or defect of the services that provide each access or access infrastructure to the internet that the Users hire.
                                                                          • Responsibility. Manilla will not be responsible if any virus attacks the equipment of the User because of using, browsing, or accessing the internet or because of the transfer of audio, images, files, or data.

                                                                            8.Intellectual Property

                                                                            • Ownership. Users agree and acknowledge that Manilla Technologies solely and exclusively owns all copyright, industrial and intellectual property that has to do with the website. These include its programming, its domain name, functionality, design, content, databases, files, and other features, also that the law protects such rights. The trade name Manilla Finance, Manilla Technologies, and all products and services that have to do with the brand are exclusively owned by Manilla Technologies, and unauthorized use of them is subject to consequences by the law.
                                                                              • Assignment or transfer. The Terms & Conditions of Use do not imply the transfer or assignment of Users of all rights that have to do with the website or to all parts of its features or contents. Users can only use the website under stringent terms as stated in the Terms & Conditions of Use.

                                                                                9.Terms & Conditions Of Use Amendment

                                                                                • Manilla can change the Terms & Conditions of Use at any time, with the aim to improve the services the website offers. If the User does not agree with any alterations that are in the Terms, he needs to instantly cancel his Registration. In a situation whereby the User does not cancel, he'll be accepting the new Terms & Conditions of Use.

                                                                                  10.Limitations Of Liability And Disclaimers

                                                                                  • Manilla is not responsible if there is no declaration of operations to competent authorities, majorly with regards to the information that the Users must provide in the Declaration of Income Tax. Likewise, Manilla is not responsible for any fees, tax, or financial collection that this operation may incur, and for possible sanctions or assessments that Users may suffer from these legal authorities.
                                                                                    • Manilla is not responsible for all indirect or direct loss of data, loss, profits, or damage as a result of technical errors, interrupted internet connection, failures, and so on.
                                                                                      • Manilla is not responsible if the data that Users provide for cryptocurrency transfer is not correct.

                                                                                        11.General Provisions

                                                                                        • It is the exclusive and sole responsibility of the User to declare their profits, losses, assets, and the consequences that arise from a cryptocurrency purchase.
                                                                                          • The User declares that he's solely responsible, criminally and civilly, for every documents and information that he provides in this platform, and also declares that the money he uses to purchase cryptocurrencies has a declared and legal origin, and using this purchase is prohibited stringently for practicing crimes like foreign exchange evasion or money laundering, being able to criminally and civilly respond to not just the authorities but also respond to Manilla if he causes any damages or losses, and that includes your image.
                                                                                            • Users declare that they do not contribute to or practice any illegal activity.
                                                                                              • Users declare to know that, for now, there are not any regulations on the buying and selling of cryptocurrency products or services, and there is not any support from the norms of the Central Bank, the Civil Code, or the Consumer Protection Code, the relationship solely based on the parties' good faith.
                                                                                                • Users declare that they have got enough knowledge to purchase crypto assets on the website of Manilla, and there is not any fact or doubt that is able to characterize them under-sufficiency related to it, having total and full enjoyment of their civil capacity, and can also practice every and any act needed to validate the operations.

                                                                                                  12.Election Forum

                                                                                                  • The only elected competent body is the Nicosia District Court, renouncing every other, irrespective of how privileged and special they can be.